Rowley House Restoration


Rowley House staircase

In 1888, Edwin A. Rowley, one of the wealthiest men in the state, spent an estimated $125,000 to build his mansion at 707 West Fourth Street. He spared no expense to finish and equip his home with the newest fixtures and most beautiful embellishments of the time. Eber Culver, who designed this 13 bedroom residence, was noted as creating one of the most architecturally significant houses at the time.
Today, Preservation Williamsport prepares to open this magnificent mansion to the public as the Rowley House Museum. While the first floor interior has had much restoration work completed, there is still much that needs to be done. The hope is to fully restore and equip the Museum to ensure a legacy of our rich heritage for generations to come.

Some of the areas to be restored include, but are not limited to:

• Smoke, fire, burglar alarm system
• Emergency lighting, exit signs
• Security door hardware, door replacement
• Handicap accessible public restroom
• Separate electrical services for museum, apartments
• General renovations to second floor
• Paint museum exterior wood features
• Repair and re-roof ground floor porches
• Replace gutters and downspouts
• Re-point three chimneys
• Repair all stained glass windows
• Repair and restore iron fencing on street sides of the property
• Landscaping

While monetary donations are always appreciated, in-kind donations of materials and/or labor also are gratefully accepted. All major donors will be publicly and permanently recognized at the museum.


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