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It is a great time for a stroll through Williamsport's historic district. It is a veritable treasure of impressive Victorian mansions. On any given day, you'll see tourists taking pictures as they wander through the neighborhood.

Rowley House Museum

Something wonderful is happening here. You'll see it everywhere. Victorian mansions are being brought back to life through painstaking renovations and restorations. Gardens and parks, dormant for so many years, also are being brought back to their original splendor and the neighborhoods are adorned with beautiful new Victorian period street lamps and hanging baskets cascading with flowers. The world is starting to notice. Victorian Homes Magazine featured five exceptional Williamsport Victorian mansions recently. The New York Times dropped by for a day trip in 2007, highighting Millionaires Row and Preservation Williamsport in its Travel Section. Read this article here >>

You'll soon consider that the key to Williamsport's future lies right here in its past. Showcasing our historic district attracts tourists and tourism dollars to Williamsport.

We're a nonprofit group called Preservation Williamsport, and it is our goal not only to preserve and protect Williamsport's heritage, but to increase preservation awareness. We're asking you now, as an important member of the community, to join this exciting cause.

Last year we experienced steady progress in our efforts to raise funds for the restoration of the Rowley House Museum at 707 West Fourth Street, and the community response was outstanding. Our goal is to continue to raise sufficient monies to continue with the restoration process, repay our mortgage and fund operations. Visitors to the museum were awestruck by the beauty of the mansion and their comments were always the same: "We have seen a lot of Victorian houses, but never one as beautiful as this!"

As the year progresses, the restoration process will continue with the painting of the exterior and repointing of the brickwork. Victorian Homes Magazine photographers spent two days at the Rowley House Museum taking pictures for publication, and we're looking forward to seeing this Williamsport treasure in print.

A new event, View from the Porch, has been very well attended. The first "View from the Porch" was held in the Fall of 2006 was a huge success with more than 100 attendees. This year's event featured the porches of seven mansions that adorn Millionaires Row in Williamsport's Historic District. This is a fund raiser to support Rowley House Museum renovations. Read this article here >>

Your membership dollars will assist with the continued restoration of a magnificent piece of Williamsport's history while demonstrating your commitment to support an historic legacy within our community.

Preservation Williamsport is a non-profit organization, 501(C) (3), that operates to educate the public about preservation, to intervene when historic structures are threatened and to promote historic preservation by acquiring and restoring properties.


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